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Big Red Rooster Flow

Embarking on a collaborative journey with Big Red Rooster Flow, our mobile application emerges as a game-changer in the realm of multi-site imaging projects. Beyond simplifying survey completion and appointment management, our app introduces geofencing technology, revolutionizing data capture with precision based on location. This strategic enhancement not only bolsters project control but also ensures real-time insights for informed decision-making.

The app’s impact goes beyond operational efficiency, extending its benefits to end-users through customizable survey forms that adapt to project intricacies. Prioritizing data security, our application safeguards sensitive information. In redefining the landscape of data collection, our mobile app stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless and secure solution to meet the dynamic needs of multi-site imaging projects. Stay tuned for updates on how our app is reshaping the future of efficient and precise project execution.

ClientBig Red Rooster FlowReleaseJanuary 2024Project GroupUI/UX Design, Mobile Apps, Web PortalShare

In this collaboration with Big Red Rooster Flow, our team is developing a mobile app to streamline multi-site imaging projects. The application allows end-users to complete surveys, manage appointments, and access user-friendly features. Key functionalities include secure login and registration, intuitive survey completion with varying statuses, and efficient appointment management. The project emphasizes enhancing user experience, ensuring optimal performance, and prioritizing data security. The team is committed to delivering a robust solution aligned with Big Red Rooster Flow’s vision for seamless project execution.

  • Enhancing precision and control by incorporating geofencing technology for location-based data collection and management.
  • Facilitating instant data submission through the app, enabling timely reviews and decision-making.
  • Providing flexibility with editable survey forms, allowing adaptations based on project needs and requirements.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted functionality by storing survey data on the device until submission, even in offline scenarios.

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