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Pariva Health

Pariva Health, a U.S.-based organization, employs a distinctive and personalized approach to provide therapy and support for families with special needs children. Pariva empowers these families by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to navigate their unique journey and unlock their child’s potential.

Our team has engineered a solution that transformed the once tedious and complex life cycle of the program, previously managed manually by the Pariva team. This solution not only simplifies processes but also enables families to receive regular updates about the program and share their valuable feedback.

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Our team has played a pivotal role in establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for the families. We have developed three essential portals:

  • Horizon Portal: Streamlining patient onboarding, assessments, appointment bookings, and report sharing for clinicians and managing staff.
  • Family Connect Portal: Exclusive platform for families to track program progress, access assessment reports, share feedback, and stay updated on appointments.
  • Pariva Community: Collaborative space connecting families and organizations, enabling group creation, forum discussions, chats, blog contributions, and fostering community support.

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