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Millo World

Millo World – Event Management Portal

There are millions of individuals who are talented and/or experts in a certain area, while there are many more millions wanting to learn new skills, either to develop professionally or improve their personal lives. Millo.World aims to be the marketplace for connecting these individuals and also provide them a convenient platform to manage their interaction.

Hosts on Millo.World can setup and promote their events on various platforms, and easily manage attendees. While hosts conduct the actual event using any platform of their choice, Millo.World reduces some of the technological complexity faced by hosts in managing their events today.

Consulted on and created a user-friendly web site that allows users to participate in online events from all over the world. Designed a user interface that is both fluid and interactive.

ClientMillo WorldDateJan, 2022TechnologyPHP framework - CodeIgniterShare
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