Overview of Offshore Software Development

Cost arbitrage, access to technology and availability of skilled resources are some of the most attractive factors why more and more companies are now leveraging offshore software development. Offshore has also gained a lot of traction because companies are able to cut down their time to market by outsourcing their software development to an offshore partner or by setting up an offshore center. Countries like India are really a hub to many companies in the West. In fact, India's software revenue is set to touch $5.8 billion in 2017, according to a report by Gartner.

How to shortlist Offshore Software Development Partner? Here’s a checklist:

Validate Vendor Credentials

Do due diligence on the prospective offshore development partner about their specialization, size of the company, the development team, their previous clientele and in general their goodwill in the market.

Cost Projection

Ask your prospective offshore software development partner for a quotation of the total cost of the project, factoring in costs due to scalability requirements in the future, if any.

Get Clarity on Development Methodology

Increasingly more companies now want to go to market faster. Therefore you should ensure that youroffshore development partner follows Agile methodology and is aware about Scrum, XP, Kanban and other Agile / RAD frameworks. Agile methodologies have seen widespread adoption in the last few years because of advantages such as iterative development, faster time to market and collaborative development.

Evaluate the Expertise

Evaluate the technical expertise of the vendor. Offshore software development company should have complete understanding of full spectrum software development. If you are specifically looking for web and mobile app development partner, make sure that they support you across the product lifecycle right from consulting, conceptualization, architecture design, frontend and backend development and testing.

Why webority is your Perfect Offshore Software Development Partner?

We help product companies and enterprises with full spectrum offshore software development

We have exhaustive experience and expertise in offshore software development services. webority is committed to deliver top-notch quality services on-time and on-budget with world-class technology and highly skilled resources.

Expertise in web and mobile app development

webority has helped customers globally to turn their product vision into market reality. We have built 200+ applications leveraging technologies such as AngularJS, Grails, Java, Hibernate, Node.js, MEAN Stack, Drupal, Android, iOS and partnering with companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, Adobe and Acquia. Our center of excellence is well-equipped with using latest tools such as Selenium, Appium, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef and others. Some of our work includes e-commerce portals, chat engines, educational websites, media and entertainment applications, OTT platforms, smart tv applications, real-time applications and many others.

We follow multiple engineering best practices that include

We follow Agile best practices for onboarding and project management

Most offshore software development companies face problems in onoarding a new client due to issues in timezone, communication, understanding and so on. However, with over a decade of offshore project management experience we have overcome these challenges and follow best practices to onboard a new client. Trust, transparency and effective communication are the pillars of our foundation. Some of the best practices include:

We follow multiple engineering best practices that include

Our Offshore Development Services

User Experience Design

Design discovery followed by prototyping, usability testing and visual design

Custom Product development

Intuitive frontend interface development and robust backend development for various products leveraging multiple frameworks

Web Content Management

Seamless contextual experience by providing content management solutions. We are preferred Acquia and Adobe partners

Mobility and Smart TV

Application development for iOS, Android, Roku TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV and other platforms

Automated Testing

Test automation using tools such as Appium, SeeTest, Selenium and others

Devops Services

End-to-end pipeline automation for leading cloud platforms

Big Data

Meaningful and actionable insights from data and analytics

Cloud Managed Services

24/7 support and managed services including preventive maintenance, reporting and problem management

Our Technology Stack

We leverage various technologies and tools covering entire gamut of product engineering from UX to Cloud Managed Services.

Looking for Agile Offshore Development Company?

With our services, we provide the knowledge and expertise to facilitate a constant growth and development for startups and corporates.

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