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Sansad Cafeteria

Sansad Cafeteria – your culinary companion within the hallowed halls of the Parliament. Designed exclusively for visitors, staff, and esteemed Members of Parliament, this app, powered by the renowned Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), provides a seamless and delightful dining experience within the Parliament complex. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite, a refreshing beverage, or a satisfying meal, Sansad Cafeteria is your go-to app for all your gastronomic needs.

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, ensuring accessibility to a broad user base. To utilize the app, individuals can simply download it from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store and complete the registration process by providing their mobile number and email address. With the app, users can conveniently request their desired meals and designate the room number for delivery. Additionally, information regarding the estimated delivery time will be readily accessible.

ClientParliament of IndiaReleaseJuly 2023Android App

In the case of the Sansad Cafeteria, we’ve introduced a groundbreaking mobile application designed to enhance the dining experience for parliamentarians and staff. Our user-friendly application empowers individuals to place food orders from the convenience of their mobile devices, eliminating the need to stand in long queues or rely on a token-based system. This innovative solution not only saves valuable time for our esteemed parliamentarians but also streamlines the entire ordering process, ensuring that meals are prepared and served efficiently.

  • Integration with POS device for QR code-based pickup.
  • Integration with NIC offline food ordering system.
  • Intitutive Backend panel to manage orders, menus, and users across different cafeterias.
  • Geofencing enabled, a secure and stable system.

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