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Sickle Cell Management and Reporting Tool

BioMedomics™ Sickle SCAN® is a multiplexed, qualitative, point-of-care immunoassay to aid in the rapid diagnosis of sickle cell disorders. The test is made up of three indicators which detect the presence of hemoglobins A, S, and C, allowing the user to rapidly distinguish between normal, carrier, and sickle cell disease samples. Sickle SCAN® has both a combined sensitivity and specificity of >99% and provides results in 5 minutes, making it one of the fastest and most accurate tests in the world. 

A mobile app for Sickle SCAN disorders has been developed. To aid in the quick diagnosis of sickle cell diseases, a multiplexed, qualitative point-of-care test was ensured. For easy management, an admin panel and dashboard were designed.

ClientBioMedomicsDateFebruary, 2022Websitehttps://www.biomedomics.com/Share
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