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Sickle Cell Management And Reporting Tool

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    Disclaimer :- We only provide management services through our mobile app, not any medical support.

    Sickle Cell Mobile App

    Why SMART?

    A software solution for use in countries affected with sickle cell disease so that patients, caregivers, medical professionals, government institutions can get the information they need to manage the disease.


    Counseling and clinical evaluation are an integral part of the testing and screening process.


    All data (patient, counselling, clinical) in a single repository, eliminating physical registers.


    App trains health workers on the job, step by step instructions provided within the app.

    Why SMART?


    The app can work and store data offline and can sync with server later.


    The app is available in many regional languages. Reach a larger audience with ease and leverage the benefits of localization.


    Cloud connected real-time tracking and reporting of tests, accessible from anywhere.

    How Healthcare Workers Can benefit from SMART App?

    Realtime update & reporting

    The data would be stored in the cloud on real-time basis. The Dashboard would have summary of tests conducted according to health-worker, countries, states and result of the test.

    Realtime update & reporting
    Counselling Delivery

    Counselling Delivery

    If the patient’s status is carrier or disease, an appropriate counselling module must be delivered.

    The app ensures that the patient gets to know not only their Sickle Cell status but also receive counselling on how to take care of themselves, their family members and prevent their offspring from having sickle cell.

    Recording Symptoms

    If the patient’s status is disease their symptoms must be recorded in the app so that patients who are at risk of complications can be immediately identified.

    Recording Symptoms
    Search Database

    Search Database

    Healthworker user can search the online database of people and tests if a person is already registered.

    This will allow the following:

    • See the previous tests and their results for the person.
    • All the registered family members and their recorded test results.

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