Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin is a Microsoft owned open source platform for building Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications. With over five billion mobile users across the globe, no business can risk ignoring the mobile market. Limited resources often restrict smaller businesses and start-ups to select only one platform for their first app launch. With technologies like Xamarin, established businesses can easily afford app development on several mobile platforms, reaping benefits of all.

Industry leaders like Bosch, Siemens, UPS and Pinterest have used Xamarin based solutions speaking for its reliability and efficiency. Xamarin is a dream for developers as it allows them to create code once and use it across platforms without impairing app’s performance, maintainability or user experience. With complete access to native APIs and toolkits used on Android, iOS and Windows, Xamarin provides near native app experience and performance. Since Xamarin uses sharable code and single technological stack, its development cycle and maintenance are both easy and less costly. With a tech giant like Microsoft backing this platform, Xamarin guarantees stability, continuous and fast resolution.

Webority Technologies has helped over 154 businesses develop solutions based on Xamarin providing flexible and complete customer experience. While Xamarin remains our coders’ delight, it is a great choice for those wanting to develop native or cross-platform apps.

Our services include:

  • Xamarin android app development
  • Xamarin iOS app development
  • Xamarin forms app development
  • Xamarin maintainence and consulting
  • Xamarin enterprise mobility solutions
  • Xamarin app support
How we work

Our 3-tier process designed for your success


Strategy & Planning

We understand your specific requirements, define goals and create a roadmap to meet your business objectives.


Engineering Development

Our experts use technologies to design, develop and test the digital solutions we create for you.


Maintenance & Support

We offer 24x7, 365 days of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 technical support.

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