How to Make Offshore Development Successful?

Making offshore web development seamless should be the mantra of any offshore web development company. Some of the web and mobile development companies in India are able to deliver projects well in time with highest quality standards whereas some others are still struggling with their delivery processes.

Organizations that falter on commitments develop a negative outlook in the minds of product companies about offshore web development services and companies in general. This is not the case always.

At webority, we understand the concerns of product companies and enterprises pertaining to application development outsourcing. Our web product development approach and practices ensure that the concerned are addressed and all the perils pertaining to offshore web application development are mitigated or rather eliminated.

Apart from providing cost arbitrage, we ensure providing value acting as partners rather than vendors across the development lifecycle. We follow Agile methodology for all the outsourced web application development projects.

Distributed Agile Teams - How we manage them?

Most companies outsourcing web development face team management problems. As teams are distributed in most of the projects, managing them regularly and tracking progress of the project becomes challenging. At webority, we follow best practices for managing distributed Agile teams.

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