Companies globally are grappling with complexities and increasing demands due to advance in technologies, shifting consumer mindsets and evolving competitive landscape. Packaged software or off the shelf software doesnt adequately meet the custom business objectives of companies and during such times, it is imperative to build a custom software or application tailored to evolving business strategies and requirements.

Here are some more reasons to choose custom software development

1. Use of multiple software and databases to accomplish critical tasks

Companies that are using multiple custom software products to perform different tasks can combine different functionalities and bring them under one roof with a custom software.

2. Need a scalable future-ready software

Off the shelf software available in the market can surely help with the current business needs, but at some point in future when business requirements evolve, it is difficult to customize them. It is rather advisable to create custom software that is future-ready and built using multiple technology stack to enhance the performance of the software. Moreover, off the shelf software products are rigid and it is difficult to scale them with multiple unique features.

3. Cost and Maintenance

While at times developing custom software is expensive, at times it is not. There are various long-term benefits of investing in a custom software than buying a readily available off the shelf software if the business wants to accommodate complexity and scale at a later point of time. Moreover, with custom software companies can do away with additional licensing fees or implementation costs. Moreover, maintaining a custom software is easier than maintaining off the shelf products given the business specific customizations incorporated into the product.

4. Integration

Canned software products may not be compatible with other programs or software products and integrating them isnt always easy. Software A is designed to complete one task and Sofware B is designed to complete another task; if they arent able to communicate with each other, they may hamper the seamless execution. Integrating wider set of APIs is always easy with a custom software.

5. Competitive advantage

Heavily investing in building proprietary systems helps to gain a competitive edge over other players. Moreover, custom software increases business efficiency.

Here are some more reasons to choose custom software development

Challenges We Solve

Reliability and Scalability

Solving complex tasks and ability to handle large data & traffic volumes

Configuration and Parameterization

Flexibility to incorporate evolving and changing demands easily

Information Security

Prevention from hackers and unauthorized users with multilayer protection


Future-ready approach enabling swift modifications or updates

Our Engagement Models

Cost plus Model

We setup dedicated development center in cost-plus model with open kitchen concept. This model provides complete transparency and provides you the option to select your team, onboard them and even transfer them to your payroll.

Team augmentation model

Our team members join & get fully integrated with your engineering team to work in collaboration on tasks / modules basis. You have the flexibility to scale the team up and down basis your requirements.

Turnkey Solution

This is a fixed-price engagement model where the project requirements and total fixed cost is identified at the starting.

Our Technology Stack

We work on various technologies and have in-depth expertise on leading DevOps tools, JS frameworks and other cutting edge technologies.

Product Development Approach


Discovery involves research and workshops to establish a clear vision and direction of the end product. This phase may vary from 1 day to 1 week depending on the complexity and size of the problem.


The Initiation tasks are kicked off during the discovery workshops itself. The key objective is to prepare ourselves by setting up various environments, processes, and ways of working between engineering team and the clients.


One of the most important aspects of any project that we execute is iterative development model. Each sprint is executed like a complete delivery cycle where all the phases including analysis, design, development, testing and deployment are executed.

Evolution & Maintainance

Continuous evolution & maintenance of working software is a key part of our approach which facilitates the continued success of the product being developed.

Team Management Practices

While outsourced software product development is increasing, there are also challenges that companies face pertaining to managing teams. Key challenges include miscommunication, limited flow of information, trust issues, timezone and language differences and more. Some of the practices that we follow to manage our teams include regular sprint planning and continuous communication with customers and team members using audio/video conferencing. We also undertake regular meetings between product owners, scrum and project managers, in-person or virtually to ensure all dependencies and timelines are met

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