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Grails, one of the most powerful rapid application development (RAD) frameworks brings agility and robustness with shorter lead time for application development. This helps to rush MVP quickly out in the market and lessen market risk.

Webority (erstwhile IntelliGrape) is a global leader in Grails development and has helped Fortune 500 companies, as well as Silicon Valley start-ups, build mission-critical applications on Grails. Using Grails development capabilities, we have developed SaaS products, video portals, live-streaming applications, analytics engines, e-commerce sites & marketplaces. Our Grails center of excellence has acquired expertise on the latest Grails versions including Grails 3.1.

Highlights of our expertise on Grails:

  • Biggest Grails development team in the world
  • 8+ years of experience in Grails
  • Developed 100+ applications on Grails
  • Speakers at GR8Conf US & GR8 EU
  • Organizer of GR8Conf India
  • Contributed 25+ plugins to Grails
  • Contributor to Grails framework
  • Expertise in upgrading applications on Grails 3.1
  • More than 700 blogs on Grails

Our Offerings

We provide Grails consulting and development services to build highly robust, scalable and secure applications.

Grails Development

We help you to develop awesome reactive web applications that seamlessly integrate and inter­operate with Java and other libraries.


Grails Migration

We help you modernize legacy products and migrate applications built on PHP, Rails and Java/J2EE to Grails framework & strategic platform.

Grails Outsourcing

We have extensive experience as one of the most preferred Grails outsourcing destinations delivering value to global clients across varied industries.

Grails Upgrade and Support

We provide Grails upgrade service, particularly on Grails 3.0 or 3.1, that keeps your application updated with the latest version thereby enhancing productivity and performance.

Power up your product development using Grails!

With our services, we provide the knowledge and expertise to facilitate a constant growth and development for startups and corporates.

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