To build a platform on which the entire profile development of PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) can done in an end-to-end fashion. The platform targeted for the companies engaged in profiling and building profiles of PEPs which includes all major international banks and financial institutions. The platform supports generating relevant profiling information, support various organization roles, storage of profiles and provide automatic report management.

Solution Developed

  • Developed robust and rich web based solution for the customer.
  • Integrated workflow management of tasks among different organization roles for smooth flow of tasks.
  • Leveraged NLP technology to assist users to pickup information for vast data available.
  • Advanced support for visualization and enterprise level reporting infrastructure was added to keep senior team members.

Key Benefits

  • The solution allowed complex flow of building and verification of profiles among different stake holders.
  • NLP technology cut down the time drastically to find interesting profile entities from vast data crawled from the internet.

Project Details

  • ZIGRAM: http://zigram.tech
  • Employees: 50
  • Industry: Data Assets
  • Region: Global
  • Customer Since: 2017

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