The future of digital health care holds tremendous potential. The Internet of Things has already changed the world. It influences both the way we live and our work. Today, as Broadband Internet is available and affordable almost everywhere, and Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors have been built into a wide range of devices and gadgets, the penetration of wearables and smartphones is soaring. All these aspects have cleared a path for the IoT in the everyday lives of people and in numerous sectors of the economy, including healthcare.

Our Offerings

At Webority, we are helping advance a consumer-centric, integrated, simple and safe digital health system. We are working to improve health outcomes and lower costs; apply scientific best practices in health care to clinical and claims data; and build a digital health care workforce deeply committed to consumer and provider needs.

The solution enables clinicians and patients to view medical records while on the move. Seamless backend connectivity with medical systems helps mirror patient records on the user device.

Benefits of Internet of Things for healthcare

  • Enhanced managements of drugs – nowaday management of drugs is one of the major expenses in the healthcare industry. Internet of Things and smart devices could help to manage this goods in better way
  • Improve disease management – by access to real time data, medical analytics and smart monitoring
  • Reduce of the costs – Internet of Things can improve real time medical data analytics, drug management, and cut down unnecessary medical personnel visits
  • Reduce errors – automated data and smart workflow controlled by devices connected by Internet of Things and decisions makes based on deep analytics

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