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ASP.NET Core is an open-source .Net framework to develop cross-platform applications. This framework is developed by Microsoft which helps programmers to create Web Applications and Web Services. This is a new framework and can be used on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. As per Microsoft, ASP.NET Core can be used for high-scalable Web Applications. One of the biggest advantage of ASP.NET Core is, it brings ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API together into a single framework.

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Logging API works with various logging providers. The built-in providers allow sending logs to different destinations.

Content Root

This is the original path to any content that this application uses. Some of them include Razor Pages and static assets. It is the similar to application base path for hosting the application.

Dependency injection

It is an element that is geared for unified consumption in an application.ASP.NET Core includes native Inversion of Control (IoC) which supports constructor injection. The native IoC can be replaced depending on the user.


The environments like development and production are an essential aspect of ASP.NET Core and are usually set using variables in the environment.

Web Root

It is the source that contains public and statistic resources such as CSS JavaScript and image files.

Error Handling

ASP.NET Core has features that handle errors in applications such as custom error pages and developer exception page. These features minimize errors in applications.


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