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Blazor is basically a single-page app framework where developers can build interactive client-side Web apps with .NET. It uses open web standards sans the plugins or code transpilation. Blazor functions well in all modern web browsers, including the mobile browsers.

As a developer, you program the code in C# in the case of JavaScript, and you use most of the .NET ecosystem of open source libraries. For the majority of the part, if it is a .NET Standard, it will function in the browser.

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Logging API works with various logging providers. The built-in providers allow sending logs to different destinations.

Dependency injection

Required SPA features are easily supported by Blazor like components, routing, dependency injection for an up to date experience as a programmer.


Blazor comes with ultra-rich IntelliSense and tooling for lesser development time.

Error Handling

ASP.NET Blazor has features that handle errors in applications such as custom error pages and developer exception page. These features minimize errors in applications.

File Providers

File Provides help ASP.NET Blazor to abstract file system access. This provides an interface which allows you to work with data across platforms.

Session and App State

While a user is browsing a web application, the ASP.NET Blazor will provide a variety of approaches that can preserve session and application state.


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