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Microsoft’s Visual Studio App Center threads DevOps processes with mobile application development. Companies that benefit from the ease of collaboration between its software and operations teams may find that Microsoft Visual Studio App Center streamlines the best DevOps has to offer into an intuitive interface. In this blog post, I provide a general overview of Visual Studio App Center and its best features.

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Best Visual Studio App Center Services

Testing in Visual Studio App Center

Developers will be able to test hybrid and native apps across multiple devices via Xamarin Test Cloud. With the power of Xamarin Test Cloud backing App Center, developers have a sea of devices to choose from and run automated tests concurrently for fast results.

Distribution with Visual Studio App Center

App Center supports the distribution of pre-production app binaries for iOS and Android, and production release for Android by connecting your application to the Google Play store. Creating groups of beta testers is configured by first establishing a group.

Continuous Integration

App Center allows you to connect to a number of popular repositories such as GitHub, BitBucket, and Visual Studio Team Services to configure a build for debug and release. This is a beneficial feature when continuing development for an app that has already been released.


Focusing on which devices are being used, how often, and by region can greatly impact direction on which devices to focus on or which region to cater to. Such usage analytics can provide insights on ways to improve service to users and increase usage for current and future apps.

Expert Coding & Debugging

We ensure agile development for high-quality development along with professional software testing for bug-free & fast release.

Crash & Event Reporting

Crash reports are available as stack traces and can be logged as part of events (only temporarily, as this is not how they are intended to be logged or tracked). Events can easily be tracked and monitored to provide feedback on which features and areas are most used and frequented by users.


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